Enhancing the Capacity of Math and Science Teachers
Planning Conference

Stevens Institute of Technology & Council of Independent Colleges

December 2-3, 2004

Pre-Conference Review of Materials

  1. Pathways Project Overview - PPT presentation (PDF version)

    Note: This brief PPT presentation presents an overview of the goals, format, content, history and timeline of the current PT3 grant aimed at improving teaching and learning in core subjects for preservice teachers at community colleges.
  2. Savvy Cyber Professor  - Review of selected course activities

    Please review the specific Savvy Cyber Professor activities below. Use the provided usernames & passwords to access the Savvy Cyber Professor web site.
    • Session 1:  Activity 1.4 Unique & Compelling Guided Exploration
    • Session 3:  Activity 3.1 Define RWLO
    • Session 3:  Activity 3.2 Examine RWLOs
    • Session 3:  Activity 3.3  Identifying Common Areas of RWLOs (Optional)
    • Session 6:  Activity 6.5 RWLO Rubric
    • Session 6:  Activity 6.6 Applying the RWLO Rubric (Optional)
    • General review of all sessions to note session objectives and types of activities provided


      For a temporary login and password to review the Savvy Cyber Professor materials contained on this site, please contact Mercedes McKay with the message SCP Temporary Access Requested.



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