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    Savvy Cyber Teacher Outline
Teachers completing the Savvy Cyber Teacher Course will be able to:  
  1. Access the Internet using the Netscape Browser
  2. Send and Receive Email using their Yahoo Mail Account
  3. Contact Epals and Expert Sites
  4. Survey and Participate in a Variety of Collaborative Projects
  5. Access and Use a Variety of Real Time Data Sources
  6. Participate in Real Time Projects
  7. Search the Internet Effectively and Efficiently
  8. Be Aware of a Variety of Unique Internet Sources
  9. Organize the Classroom for Effective Technology Based Instruction
  10. Develop and Post a Web Site Containing Images, Links and Tables 
Beyond Savvy Cyber Teacher
Encouraging Classroom Implementation
  • Encourage teachers to introduce an on-line collaborative or real-time project into their classroom.  The project should be chosen to replace a topic already in the curriculum, which uses a different instructional approach. 
  • Encourage teachers to share resources both within the school and with other schools in the district. 
  • Encourage teachers, as they grow more experienced, to develop their own curriculum projects.  This involves a commitment on behalf of the school district to provide the time and resources for their professional staff to work together on these sort of projects. 

For a more detailed presentation on the Savvy Cyber Teacher Program visit the Administrator and Supervisor Resource Page.

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