Training Material Overview

The Savvy Cyber Teacher training material has been created to assist teachers in training others on the use of the Internet in education.  The course is broken down into 10 three-hour workshops which span a 10 week time period.  For each workshop teachers are supplied with a wide range of training materials to help them deliver the content of the workshop.  These materials include: 
  • Workshop Leader’s Guide - Detailed guide for delivering the entire workshop
  • PowerPoint Slides - Set of PowerPoint slides to help guide participants through the content of the workshop
  • Savvy Cyber Teacher Web Site - Pre-developed web site with all of the online resources for each session and links to supplemental material
  • Workshop Activities - Provided to give participants the chance to learn in a hands-on environment
  • Homework Assignments - Provided to foster learning outside the classroom, master new skills and become familiar with new Internet-supported learning paradigms
  • Online Glossary - Furnished to assist in learning vocabulary associated with the technology
  • Trainer’s Listserv - Created to facilitate communications among national trainers
These resources are all integrated into one training package which will allow the teacher to effectively train other educators on “unique and compelling” uses of the Internet in the classroom.  This training package is available in both printed and electronic form (downloaded files).