Teacher Testimonials and Comments

The following are quotes from teachers who participated in the training program:

I am going to email my teachers and give them a list of projects that I am willing to coordinate through the lab.  I had no idea that there are so many sites for teachers. This is the first class in a long time, that I was excited to attend.”
- Phoenix Teacher

"I tapped into one of the messages sent by Cindy from Phoenix and then zipped off to her student's homepage.  There I noticed that she taught in a constructivist school with at-risk kids.  I was able to get feedback for my questions about her situation.  I would have never found that type of source so quickly if it hadn't been for Savvy Cyber Teacher !  Thanks a million+
- Cleveland Teacher (Email message posted to listserv)

Hi, Mike.   Thank you for a wonderful experience with the Savvy CyberTeacher Workshop.  I am anxious to begin training others because I think I is one of the most useful courses I have taken recently!
- Cleveland Teacher

"The Congressional E-mail Directory is a level 3 web site according to the Rubric presented in Week 7 of our workshops. I believe that the information provided in this web site is available at the school, however, it would be difficult to gather.  This website makes it more accessible.  It not only provides the e-mail address or information on where to reach the Representative or Senator, but also provides up-to-date information on what they are working on.  In addition, many individual's webpage include a brief biography, which can give students an insight to their representative/ senators....If only I had this information weeks ago!"
- Miami Teacher (Email message posted to listserv as part of homework assignment to evaluate a web-based resource)

Collaborative projects are a great use of the internet
- Phoenix Teacher