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The following four online educational Learning Modules form the foundation of the project are based on the "Unique and Compelling"1 applications of the Internet as identified and developed by the Center for Innovation in Engineering and Science Education at Stevens Institute of Technology. Each of the four selected learning modules utilize either Internet-based real-time data or online global telecollaboration as the underpinning technology were based on proven and adapted to the local culture, context, and curriculum of each of the participating countries and fully translated into Spanish2.

Please select any of the links to the learning modules below for more information:

Real-Time Data Project Collaborative Projects
Terremundo: Placas en Movimiento Sol Viviente: Proyecto Internacional de Sol y Temperatura
Cielo Azul

For more information about these and other exciting unique and compelling classroom projects, please contact Joshua Koen at


1 - Unique defines an application that cannot be duplicated with another medium or technology, such as a textbook or a CD-ROM; compelling describes an application or its result that is pedagogically-sound, contains rigorous curricular content, and engages students in learning in an unprecedented fashion. Specifically, these classroom projects achieve three important student outcomes: engagement of students in hands-on, project-based science investigations that use authentic, real-world data; exposure of students to rigorous standards-based science and mathematics content; and authentic use of technology for research, analysis of data, communication, critical thinking, problem-solving, collaboration, and creation of reports and other student-generated products.

2 - These unique and compelling curriculum materials developed by CIESE and adapted in partnership with MDCC and FOD have also been the basis for a variety of significant awards from prestigious international educational organizations (see

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