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Chapter 11

Transition Math Overview
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Chapter 11 Patterns Leading to Division


Integer Division

11.2 The Rate Model for Division

11.3 Division of Fractions

11.4 Division with Negative Numbers

11.5 The Ratio Comparison Model for Division

11.6 Proportions
It's Pizza Time - comparing areas of circles
11.7 The Means-Extremes Property
Shoe Size vs. Height
This activity is related to the Giant of Man photo on page 624, problem 23.
11.8 Proprtions in Similar figures
Sketchpad activity This is a followup to activity 9.2.
11.9 Proportional Thinking
Project 2: Best Buys - Go to the online grocery store (below) and find examples of at least 5 foods that are packaged in different sizes. Calculate the unit cost for each size to determine best buys. Write up what you find and answer whether it is true that bigger packages are more economical.
Visit to do your comparison shopping.

  Here's a related activity. (Use Peapod as your online grocer.) Internet Shopping Activity

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