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Activity 5.5: Reflecting Pattern Blocks

1. Open the file Blocks.gsp You should see this:

Using the shapes on the screen make this block pattern:

You can make a duplicate of a shape by surrounding one the shapes with a selection box.

Put the select arrow above and to the left of the shape you are duplicating.

Now hold the mouse down and drag it beyond the opposite corner of the square.

Let go of the mouse.
Select copy from the Edit menu.
Select paste from the Edit menu.

You just made of duplicate of the square and its control point.

In the same way you can make as many copies as you need.

The control point on each shape allows you to turn your shape.

Reflection over a mirror line

Once you have made your design you can reflect it over a mirror line.

Draw a line segment next to the shape.

Deselect all objects. That is, click the pointer in a white area of the sketch.
This will turn off all highlighting.

Double click on the line to make it a mirror of reflection.

Now make a selection rectangle around your design.

Go to the transform menu and choose reflect. You should see the design at the top of the page.
Move the line to see what happens. Notice that every part of the design is mirrored
on the opposite side of the mirror.

Experiment with other designs. See if you can make something like the design below
using a perpendicular mirror line.

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