Do taller people have larger feet?

Try this class activity:

 1. Everybody should write down their shoe size on the board. (Either males should add 2 to their size, or females subtract 2 to get good relativity in sizes.)

2. Next to your shoe size write down your height in inches.

3. Now draw a scatter plot graph with the shoe size on the x-axis and the height on the y-axis.

 4. Can you see a relationship between the size of someone's shoe and their height? In other words do taller people have bigger feet?  (See table and graph.)

5. Based on your scatter plot what shoe size do you think Shaquille O'Neill wears. He is 7' 1". Confirm this at his website. [Graph]

6. Bill Veeck 's (former baseball team) owner most famous stunt: he sent 3-foot-7, 65-pound Eddie Gaedel to bat on August 19, 1951.  What shoe size would you predict he wore?

            "For a minute, I felt like Babe Ruth," Gaedel said, after drawing a walk. Veeck
                     contended that putting Gaedel in the batting order, like his other stunts,
                     was "a practical idea, too." He planned to use Gaedel again, with the bases
                     loaded, but AL President Will Harridge was outraged and barred little
                     people from Major League Baseball. (See photo & graph.)

7. Who was the tallest person on record? What shoe size do you think he wore?  If you do a little research you will be able to find out that information.