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What are the sources of Air Pollutants?

 --> Where are the sources of air pollution?

Student Worksheet
Major Air Pollutants

In this activity, you will need a computer with Internet access and a copy of the Student Worksheet.

  1. Part 1: Types of Air Pollutants
    Review the information in the Major Air Pollutants (.pdf) table and the EPA's Six Common Air Pollutants web site and/or in addition to your answers from the previous lesson (What are the Major Air Pollutants?) to answer the questions in Part I of your Student Worksheet.
    1. List three types of factories.
    2. List three types of road vehicles.
    3. List three types of off-road vehicles.
    4. List three types of miscellaneous sources.
    5. Do you think any of these sources cause problems with your local air quality? Explain.
  2. Part 2: Pollution Sources
    1. Select your state from the map to view the corresponding air pollution data (NOTE: it may take a moment to load the first time you click).
    2. Click through the site and look up the amount of various pollutants in your state to complete the table and answer the questions on the Student Worksheet (move your mouse over the colored column to view the corresponding percentage).
  3. Assessment
    As a class or individually, answer the questions on the Student Worksheet.
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