Teacher Area


Suggested Equipment and Materials for Lessons 1-3**

Tasty Harvest Hydroponics, LLC
1555 Hurffville Road, Sewell NJ 08080
phone: 856.227.6300 fax: 856-227-2930
Item # Description
FLORAGRQT FloraGrow Quart
FLORABLMQT FloraB loom Quart
RPDPLGTRY Rapid Rooter Tray w/ 50 plugs
DOME7 dome 7" large cup
FLT52 T5- 24" Light Fixture
PU160 Pump, Active Aqua 160 gph
PU7.2L Air Pump, Dual
ALT Airline 1/4" Tee Joint
AS6 AirStone 6"
TUBECLR Tube, Clear 1/4" per foot
PHUPQT pH Up, Quart
PHDNQT pH Down, Quart
TIMER15 Timer, 15 min increment
NETPOT Net Pot, 3"
OK3563400 pH Pen, Oakton
SOXY1LTR Hydrogen Peroxide, 1 Litre

** Additional equipment and materials may be necessary for lessons 4-6 depending on the facilities available at your school, the subsystem selected for design, and whether your school will produce the complete finished product.