Student Area

Lesson 3: System Requirements

  1. Discuss student teams/roles within the class that will permit effective communication among other participating schools.

  2. Discuss the aquaponics systems needs and brainstorm list of requirements. Items for consideration include:

    • Identification and description of stakeholders
    • Operational environment (climatic conditions, availability of materials and supplies for building, operating and maintaining, number of people to support per unit, expected skill and knowledge level of the people who will be trained to operate and maintain the system etc.)
    • Marketing and/or educational needs
    • System and subsystem components
    • Location of the system
    • Media/educational material
    • Spare parts
    • Tools
    • Logistics of supplies

  3. Post the class-generated list of systems requirements to Collaboration Central for other classes to review and comment on or if there is already one draft Systems Requirement document posted, please comment or make changes to that document. Important: There should only be one Systems Requirements document that all classes contribute to and comment on. Once all classes have provided comments, the final document will represent the needs of the system.

  4. Identify and discuss sub-systems that may comprise the complete system. This can include but not be limited to the sub-systems below.

    • Fish Environment
    • Plant Environment
      • Wicking Environment
      • Seed Sprouting
    • Mechanical system
      • Pump requirements
      • Lighting
      • Plumbing
      • Valves, filters, routing
    • Structural
      • Material testing for resilience and durability
    • Energy
      • Requirements for assorted mechanical/electrical systems.
    • Logistical
      • Technical Documentation formats.
      • Drawings formats.
      • Digital formats and requirements.

  5. As a class, select in order of preference the first, second and third choices for a sub-system that the class will be responsible for designing. Post the class list of suggested sub-systems and preferences for sub-system development to Collaboration Central. Review and comment on the postings by other classes. The Project Leader will assign school responsibility for sub-system development based on preferences.