Student Area

Lesson 4: System Design

  1. Working in groups, brainstorm designs for specific subsystem of aquaponics system. Base your ideas on previous research and the Systems Requirements document. Present your ideas to other groups and incorporate feedback.

  2. Prepare preliminary designs for your designated sub-system. This may include the following:
    • Mechanical System:
      • Identify the capacities and requirements of hydroponics systems
      • Identify appropriate pumps, tubing and reservoir based on flow rates required by the system.
      • Flow rate Calculation Worksheet
    • Plant and Fish Identification:
      • Identify information about plants and animals by investigating a variety of resources. Identify and describe how certain fish work well with certain plants and how external environment factors affect the biological harvest.
      • Describe the primary fish used in aquaponics farming. Include the fish requirements, habitat, as well as output (waste)
      • Describe various plants that grow well in hydroponic environments. Provide information about favorable "soil" conditions, water requirements, harvest yields and durations
    • Identification of appropriate materials and production techniques
      • Identify readily available materials that would be available in other parts of the world.
      • Research properties of materials and how the local environment might affect them, (i.e. PVC breaks down in sun light).
      • Appropriate Materials Worksheet

  3. Creation of Preliminary Topic Solution -
    • Working in your group, develop a static model/prototype of your designated subsystem. The models will then be presented to the class and the most appropriate solution selected. The criteria for this selection will be based on the Systems Requirements document.
    • Post a class-approved subsystem design for review by other classes
    • Review other subsystem designs submitted by partner schools and provide comments