A CIESE Collaborative Project

Limited Computer Access

Here are several strategies you can use to implement this project even if you have a limited access to computers in your classroom:

  • Periodic Data Collection
    Each day a different student or group of students can take turns recording the temperature and sunrise / sunset information and then report back to the class. Keep in mind that students may need written instructions on how to gather the data so that they can work independently. Additionally, if they need to go outside the classroom you may need to make special arrangements.

  • Using Handouts
    Students can access the list of participating schools, the Discussion area, and the project data at the end of the project from home computers (when available) OR by giving them a printed handout of any of the above.

  • Teacher Presentations
    Teachers with 1 computer connected to a projection device can use the Internet to introduce or enrich a unit, prepare students in the use of a web site before a session in the computer lab, or even take their students on a virtual field trip.

  • Learning Centers
    Students can rotate through different activities during the course of one class or over a longer period of time. Each student or group of students takes a turn working at a different activity or learning center. For example, one group of students can access the Internet while another can locate and research the participating countries, seasons, etc. using books, etc.