A CIESE Collaborative Project

Letter of Introduction Instructions

Each school will submit a letter of introduction to the project. We would appreciate your limiting the letters to one per school. If possible, have different classes combine their letter into one; having separate paragraphs for each class in one school would be fine. If this is inconvenient, please make sure each class distinguishes itself in the subject area (see below).

Please include the name and location of the school, your latitude and longitude (so students can pin-point locations on a map), some information about your school and community, and any other information that you would like to share with us. Your hypothesis for the experiment would be particularly good to share!

Letters can be any length. Some teachers have their class as a whole write the letter and other teachers assign it to a couple of students. Or you may have everyone take a stab at the letter and then select the best one. Some teachers even write the letter themselves. Do whatever is best for you. Feel free to look at examples from a previous year's project.

Letters of Introduction should be submitted to the project Discussion Area. In the subject line, please write "Letter of Introduction from Your School" (example: Letter of Introduction from Kennedy Middle School). Make sure that you review the CIESE Publishing Policy before submitting Letters of Introduction.