A CIESE Collaborative Project

Questions and Explorations

The questions below are suggestions for help in determining a hypothesis for the project, follow-up discussions or further exploration. Students could address some of these questions or try to make comparisons of their own. Students could address some of these questions in their final reports.

  1. Which factor in the experiment showed the strongest correlation to boiling point? What evidence do you have to back up your answer?
  2. What was your original hypothesis? Were you surprised at your results? Were you surprised at other classes' results?
  3. What explanation can you give for your results?
  4. Pick a different location from where you are. Predict what the boiling point of water would be at that location. Would it be higher or lower than what you found at your location? Why?
  5. How important is accuracy of measurements in this experiment? Were there any possibilities for inaccurate measurements in your experiment? What might they be?
  6. What would you change if you could repeat the experiment?
  7. Is there another variable you would like to test to see how it might affect boiling point?

Suggestions for additional discussion questions will be gladly accepted! Contact the project leader with your suggestion.