A CIESE Collaborative Project

Birchwood Elementary School
Bellingham Washington

Prediction: Our class believes that we will have different organisms than the other classrooms in the project.
We also think the counts will be different depending on the amount of water each class has to use.

Location: Our pond is located at our teacher's house. We have been raising tadpoles in our classroom and each week
we add fresh water from the pond in our tadpole environments. We have been watching our organisms grow and change.

We identified the following macroinvertebrates on April 24th.

Caddisfly Larva 2
Mayfly Nymph 2
Back Swimmers 173
Damselfly Nymph 6 We actually got to see 3 damselflies emerge and then they flew around the classroom
Snails 7
Water Beetle 2
Midge Larva 2
Mosquito Larva 3
Mosquito Pupa 3

We also learned that the larva stage of an insect is the child stage and the pupa stage is like the teenage years right before they
reach the adult stage.

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Mrs. H.'s 5th grade Students