A CIESE Collaborative Project

East Elementary School
Ankeny, Iowa

Our class was somewhat split on the hypothesis, but the majority of the students felt the following:
Hypothesis: The macroinvertebrate life in pond water will be the same in all pond water.

damselfly nymph - 8
daphnia or water flea - 16
midge larvae - 10
mosquito larva - 13
smail - 3
bristle worm - 2

Our classroom used Proscopes from our local area education agency to magnify the pond life.
When an invertebrate was located, we scooped it out of the cup, placed onto a slide, and projected the magnified image onto a large screen through use of the Proscopes, LCD projector, and
computer. This really enabled our students to see the finer characteristics of the invertebrates and make
comparisons between them. With the Proscope camera function, we were also able to take a picture
of some of the invertebrates!

Annette Wilson's Class
Grade 2