A CIESE Collaborative Project

Temple Beth Emet Day School, Cooper City, Florida

Our school is located in Cooper City , Florida, which is in the southeast coast of Florida.We went to the canal behind our school on April 21, 2009, and got a bucket of water and identified the micro invertebrate with magnifying glasses and a microscope. It was warm outside when we got the water samples and was about 70 degrees Fahrenheit. Here is what we saw in our water sample with our magnifying glasses and microscopes:

Micro Invertebrates:

1 Amoeba

1 Parameclum

6 Euglenas

2 Spirogyras

Macro Invertebrates:

Leech (Theromyzon Species)

Adult Water Beetle

Larva Water Beetle

2 Bristle Worms

3 Gamophyta (Green Algae)

Pea Shell cockle

4 Daphnia

2 Midge Larva

Mayfly Nymph