A CIESE Collaborative Project

Wallace Elementary School
Hoboken, New Jersey

The students in the second grade at the Wallace School in Hoboken, New Jersey tested pond water samples. They hypothesized that the organisms in the pond water samples would be the same all over the country and in other parts of the world.

Since there are no ponds to be found in Hoboken, Ms. Mitsakos, the science teacher collected water samples from a pond in Pennsylvania. The students tested samples after reading and researching about the various organisms that could inhabit a pond. They were able to observe some macroinvertebrates with their hand lenses and microinvertebrates with microscopes. Surprisingly, the water samples had an abundance of organisms! We think it is because the pond sample from Pennsylvania was from a pond that is in a very remote area.

The results of their findings were:

Pennsylvania Pond:

12 water fleas

4 water spiders

2 mosquito larvae

6 mayfly nymphs

7 snails

3 midge larvae

3 scuds

2 bristle worms

Various algae