A CIESE Collaborative Project

Prairie School, Waunakee, Wisconsin

The 4th and 2nd grade classes predicted (hypothesis) that we would find different objects than other parts in the world. Two days later, they examined the buckets filled with pond water, and made interesting discoveries. Here are some of the things that they found:

Amphipod or scud: 3

Caddisfly larvae: 2

Damselfly Nymph: 2

Daphnia or water flea: 4

Dragonfly Nymph: 2

Mayfly Nymph: 1

Midge Larva: 2

Mosquito Larva: 3

Snail: 3

Bristle Worm: 4

We also saw some fish, a leaf, and a frog. Some buckets had multiple items, and others had not. Some things in other reports had some of the same things that we had in our report.