A CIESE Collaborative Project

Frank J. Smith School, East Hanover, New Jersey

The students in my class began the project by discussing the various forms of macroinvertebrates that could be present in pond water throughout the world.

We experimented with pond water from Burnham Pond in Morristown, New Jersey.

Our class hypothesis was that these macroinvertebrates would be found in all pond water samples.

They were then given four samples of water to look at with tools such as magnifying glasses, popsicle sticks, and eyedroppers to name a few. We identified the following macroinvertebrates: water beetles, tadpoles, dragonfly nymphs, water fleas, mosquito larvae, water spiders, bristle worms, leaves, algae, spiders, a mayfly nymph, and a damselfly nymph.

We look forward to seeing the results soon!

Linda Bracuti, Second Grade