A CIESE Collaborative Project

Taylorsville Elementary
Taylorsville, Indiana

We have about 640 students from pre-k through 6th grade at Taylorsville Elementary. Our class has 22 students, 10 girls and 12 boys. Field trips are expensive now so our teacher collected water samples from a small pond in Heflen Park next to Driftwood River near Edinburgh, Indiana. Everyone in our class chose the hypothesis that ponds in different places would have different macroinvertebrates. We found the following macroinvertebrates:

Dragonfly nymph 1

Minnow 1

Mayfly nymph 1

Worms 3

Saucer bug 2

Water mites 2

Water stick insects 2

Damselfly nymphs 2

Water spiders 5

Water beetles 2

Diving water beetles 2

Water skate 1

Midge larva 1

Lesser water boatman 3

Blood worms 2


Mrs. Christophels 4th grade