A CIESE Collaborative Project

San Antonio Elementary Magnet Center
San Antonio, Texas

We decided to join Bucket Buddies so we could explore our school pond as a habitat for macroinvertebrates and see if was healthy.

Our Hypothesis : We think that our pond is healthy because our ducks, geese, and turtles are healthy. Therefore we think the pond will have
many macroinvertebrates and many different kinds of macroinvertebrates.

Equipment: we took many types of nets, strainers, and collection boxes out to the pond.

Procedure: We went out to the pond, made observations, and collected water to continue our observations in the classroom.

Our Conclusions: We did not find many macroinvertebrates or many kinds of macroinvertebrates.

We found:

A caddisfly larvae
15 small red worms which moved like the description of a midge larva,but looked more like worms,
What was either a dragonfly nymph or a pond skater
A dragon fly and a painted lady flew into the willow tree as we researched.

We were happy we didn't find any evidence of mosquitoes.We think maybe our turtle, ducks, and geese are enjoying eating our

Mrs. Ethirveerasingam's 4th Grade

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