A CIESE Collaborative Project

Wallace School, Hoboken, New Jersey

This year we used the scientific method to write our lab reports to record the data we found during our investigation. Our teacher, Ms. Mitsakos , brought the pond water from Pennsylvania.

Lab Report:

Purpose: Are all the organisms in pond water the same all over the world?

Research: We studied the pond habitat by learning about all the living things that are in and around a pond. We read about macroinvertebrates on the Internet and in books. We created posters of a pond habitat.

Hypothesis: The organisms are the same.

Experiment: We tested the pond water samples using hand lenses and microscopes and identified the macroinvertebrates. We recorded the data and discussed our findings,

Analysis/Conclusion: Based on our findings and the comparisons we did with the other students on the Bucket Buddies website we determined that our hypothesis was correct all pond water has the same organisms living in it.


Caddisfly larva 5

Dragonfly nymph 1

Daphnia 3

Scuds 10

Mayfly nymphs 2

Midge 2

Worms 4

Tadpole larva 3