A CIESE Collaborative Project

Wallace Elementary School, Hoboken, New Jersey

We are third grade students at the Wallace Elementary School in Hoboken, New Jersey and we tested pond water samples from two different areas, we hypothesized that the organisms in the two pond water samples we tested would be the same so therefore the organisms found in pond water samples would be the same all over the country and in other parts of the world.

Since there are no ponds to be found in Hoboken, Ms. Mitsakos our teacher , collected water samples from 2 separate ponds in Pennsylvania. One is in a rural area mostly undisturbed. The other is in an urban area. We tested each sample after reading and researching about the various organisms that could inhabit a pond. We were able to observe some macroinvertebrates with our hand lenses and microinvertebrates with microscopes. Surprisingly, the urban water sample yielded very few microinvertebrates in comparison to the rural area sample. We think it is because the pond water sample from the rural area, being mostly undisturbed, allowed for more insect life to grow and the water quality is probably better with less pollutants.

Pond/ Rural Pond/Urban

12 water fleas 2 water spiders

4 water spiders 3 snails

2 mosquito larvae various algae

6 mayfly nymphs

7 snails

3 midge larvae

3 scuds

2 bristle worms

Various algae