A CIESE Collaborative Project

East Elementary School, Ankeny, Iowa

The question we addressed is: Is the macroinvertebrate life in pond water the same all over the world?

Our Hypothesis: No, the macroinvertabrate life will be different in pond water all over the world.

Reasons for our hypothesis:
1)The pond water temperature could be different so it would support
different macroinvertebrate life.
2)There are different types of predators in ponds.
3)The plant life (algae) could be different, so the macroinvertebrate
life that eats the algae could be different.
4)Some ponds are in the city and they could have more pollution. That
means the macroinvertebrates might not be able to survive there.

How we tested our hypothesis:
1)Our pond water came from the outskirts of a suburban community. The
water was almost clear; it was not very murky.
2)We used Proscopes attached to our computers to get close-up views of
the pond water life.
3)We found the following: 8 water beetles
5 damselfly nymphs
17 daphnia (water fleas)
10 snails
1 that we were unable to identify

Below are some pictures of the macroinvertebrates we found. Click on thumbnails for larger images. We are wondering if any other classroom is able to identify the 'unknown.' It was greenish in color; its body was
round; it was bigger than the water flea and much smaller than the water beetle;
it moves super fast, going forward, and side to side.

Room 5
2nd grade