A CIESE Collaborative Project

Highland City Elementary School, Florida

The 4th graders at Highland City Elementary observed invertebrates from water that was collected from a nearby pond.  High-powered Pro-Scope microscopes were used to help identify the invertebrates  present in the water.

The students formed a hypothesis that there would be a wide variety of species in ponds around the United States and that they would not be the same in different regions of the United States.  The students also predicted that in the water they collected that there would be mainly snails, mosquito larva, and scuds.



Mosquito Larva


Water Beetle




Bristle Worm



The students also discovered 1 water clam, 5 minnows, and 2 unknown species of invertebrates.  The class tried to identify the unknowns, but we could not get a clear enough explanation to be sure as to what these invertebrates would be named.