New Haven Public School District
Grade 7 

 Core Activities
    The Ozone Between Us
    Compare Ozone Testing Tools
    Tracking Ozone
    Will There Be Ozone Tomorrow
    People at Risk
    What Can You Do?







The Ozone Between Us
-> What does Ozone have to do with you?

PART 1: Connecticut Peak Ozone AQI Map

  1. Access the Air Quality Guide for Ozone. Either print a copy of the Guide or obtain a copy from your teacher and store it in a safe, convenient place. The Air Quality Guide will be a useful tool for all the lessons.
  2. Access the Connecticut Peak Ozone Air Quality Index (AQI) Map. After studying the map, and consulting the Air Quality Guide for Ozone, answer the questions on the Student Worksheet.

PART 2: Archived AQI Information for Connecticut

  1. Locate and label your city or town on the map of Connecticut.
  2. Access the EPA's AirNow Ozone Map Archive and click on Connecticut.
  3. From the drop down menus, select May, 2002, and Connecticut. Make sure that the Ozone circle is checked, then click See Map Archives.
  4. Click through the thumbnail animations (little pictures) in the Connecticut archives for May, June, July, August, and September 2002 and answer the questions on the Student Worksheet.


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