New Haven Public School District
Grade 8 

 Core Activities
    What are the sources of air pollutants?
    Smog City Investigation
    Diesel Exhaust
    Diesel Bus Case Study in Connecticut
    Create Your Own Investigation







Diesel Bus Case Study in Connecticut

--> What can be done to reduce diesel exhaust in Connecticut?


The Connecticut Clean School Bus Project is developing a program to reduce risk exposure from diesel exhaust through a multi-faceted approach which will speed the introduction of ultra clean technologies slated to be used to meet 2007 diesel emission standards.  The use of  low sulfur diesel fuel and retrofit with emission control equipment will reduce diesel particulate matter emissions by as much as 90 percent in the Norwich school buses.  In addition, hydrocarbon and carbon monoxide emissions will be reduced by approximately 70 percent through the use of emission control devices.

The program will include the use of clean fuels, retrofits of school buses, and the use of personal monitors to evaluate the effectiveness of each control strategy and will build on successful state and regional efforts to reduce diesel emissions through retrofit and clean fuel programs.

Use the following links and any other materials you can find to prepare a 5 - 10 minute persuasive argument addressing the questions below.

Additionally, you should address the following questions in your persuasive argument

  • Are school buses contributors to air quality problems/issues? Why?
  • Do school bus emissions harm people?
  • Can anything be done to decrease the amount of emissions?
  • Is retro-fitting worth the expense?
  • How would the expenses be covered if a school district decided to retrofit?
  • Are there other alternatives?


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