Norwich School District
Grade 6 

 Core Activities
    Air Pollution - What's it all about?
    Criteria Pollutants
    The Ozone Between Us
    Smog City Modeling
    Smog City Investigation
    Compare Ozone Testing Tools
    Particulate Matter
    Air Pollution - What did you learn?







Compare Ozone Testing Tools

-> What does Ozone have to do with you?

For this activity, you will develop an investigation to measure the amounts of ground level ozone present in an area. Once data has been collected, you will access the AIRNow web site to obtain near real-time data for your area (if available) and make comparisons between the data you collected and the AirNow data.

Part A: Conduct the Investigation

  1. Break into groups of 4 - 6 students. With your teacher, review and select one of the Ozone Tools below that might be used in the investigation and refer to the corresponding Student Worksheet. Make sure that everyone in the group accurately understands how to use the tools.
    • Eco Badges
    • ACCESS system
    • Ozone Detector Card
    • Chemical Testing Paper (Schoenbein Paper)
    • Rubber bands
    • Milkweed (late summer only)
  2. Define the sampling objective, or the scientific question (hypothesis) the project is addressing. All projects must involve the use of all tools, and the comparison of the results.
    • For example, if ozone is present and measured on the EPA AirNow web site, the EcoBadge OR ACCESS system OR Ozone Detector Badge OR chemical testing paper OR rubber bands OR milkweed will detect the presence of ozone
  3. Decide and identify the methods of data collection your group will follow.
    • For example, describe where the sampling equipment will be located, how long you will perform sampling, and whether the measurements (experiment) will be repeated in the same day.
  4. Complete the investigation using the selected Ozone Tool. Be sure to record the information in your corresponding Student Worksheet.

Part B: AIRNow and Final Presentation

  1. Access the AIRNow web site and obtain near real-time data for the area (if available) and answer the questions on the Student Worksheet
  2. Each group will create and deliver a 5 minute presentation about the investigation they created and the data collected. Review the information listed in the Student Worksheet to se what should be included.


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