Norwich School District
Grade 8 

 Core Activities
    Photochemical Reactions
    Chemistry of Ozone
    Diesel Bus Case Study in Connecticut
    Air Pollution - What's it all about?
    Create Your Own Investigation
    What Can You Do?







Photochemical Reactions: Light Engergy to Chemical Energy
-> How does light play a role in the formation of Ozone?

In this activity, you will .


1.  Turn off the classroom lights.  Place the beaker containing the purple solution on the overhead projector and turn on the projector light.  The solution will turn clear.  When the projector light is turned off, the solution will go back to purple.

Half and Half
1.  Perform this section of the demonstration with the lights off.  Cover half the overhead projector with foil, several layers thick, and position the beaker containing the solution so that half is on the foil and half is on the glass stage.

2.  Turn on the overhead light and the half that is exposed to the overhead light will turn colorless.  The half that is over the foil will remain purple.

3.  Have the students standing where they can observe the vertical line of the different colors.  This will demonstrate that light caused the reaction, not heat.

4.  Have the students predict what will happen if the beaker is gently shaken or stirred.


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