Norwich School District
Grade 8 

 Core Activities
    Photochemical Reactions
    Chemistry of Ozone
    Diesel Bus Case Study in Connecticut
    Air Pollution - What's it all about?
    Create Your Own Investigation
    What Can You Do?







What Can You Do?

--> Is there anything that people can do everyday to help reduce ground level ozone?


  1. Create an informational flyer (poster, web page, etc.) about ground level ozone diesel particulate matter and why it is a problem in your region of the country. The flyer may focus on any aspect of the problem, but all flyers in some way must address the following points:
    • How ground-level ozone is formed
    • Why particulate matter is a concern.
    • Health concerns associated with ground level ozone and PM.
    • Steps citizens can take to decrease amounts of ground level ozone and PM generated.
    • Steps citizens can take to protect themselves in the event of a high pollution day.
    • Explain how diesel school bus retrofitting can improve air quality and can help limit childrens exposure to poor air quality.


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