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Lesson Plan 4: Preliminary System Design


Each class will brainstorm and generate several possible solutions based on the collaboratively-generated Systems Requirements document. Students will communicate their preliminary designs among their school peers. Each group will critique each others design giving productive feedback and advice. One solution will be chosen that will be posted to Collaboration Central for partners to review. Ultimately, one system solution will be selected from all of the preliminary designs. Project-wide teams will then commence to begin final design, prototyping, and manufacturing.


Students will be able to:
  1. Brainstorm and develop preliminary designs for a home lighting system so that they meet or exceed requirements as outlined in the Systems Requirements document.
Materials and Resources
  • Computers with internet and Powerpoint access


New Jersey Core Curriculum Content Standards

  • Standard 5.2: Science and Society
  • Standard 5.4: Nature and Process of Technology
  • Standard 5.7: Physics
  • Standard 8.2: Technological Literacy

ITEA Standards for Technological Literacy

  • Standards: 8, 9, 10, 11, 12, 13, 16

National Science Content Standards

  • Unifying Concepts and Processes in Science
  • Science as Inquiry
  • Physical Science
  • Science and Technology
  1. Working in groups, students brainstorm solutions for the home lighting system based on the System Requirements document. Each group of students will prepare a preliminary design plan that describes the proposed solution and provides sufficient detail for others to assess the pros and cons of each proposal. Each group presents their ideas to other groups in the class for critique and comment.

  2. After all class preliminary designs have been reviewed, the class will select the most appropriate solution to be shared with project participants. The class will post their proposed system design to Collaboration Central for review by other participating classes.

  3. Project participants will review all of designs submitted by partner schools and provide comments. Each school will vote on the design that they think is is the best to go forward with. The preliminary design that is chosen will be further refined, a prototype developed, and then manufactured by all schools.


Students should complete and submit TBD (some sort of daily log perhaps??)

Sample Assessment Rubric