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Student Activities

 Lights, Camera, Action!  

Student Activities



  • What did other readers like about your book?  Read reviews that students have written about the book you read.  Go to Amazon Books and type the name of your book in the Search space. If there was a particular scene or chapter in your book that the reviewers mention, you may want to discuss how you would treat that scene. For example, a film adaptation of  Hatchet might place special emphasis on the plane crash.

  • What are the qualities of a "good" movie? Work with a small group to make a list. Look at a few current movie reviews or award winning movies and discuss what makes a movie special (acting, special effects, story line, etc.). What do critics look for?


Now write your proposal, including the following elements:

  • Genre:  This is important because it is the way in which the movie will be advertised and promoted. Will it be an action or adventure film? Perhaps you'll adapt the plot to bring out the humorous elements and present it as a comedy. 
  • Cast:  Put together a cast for your film version. Think about some of your favorite actors and actresses .Who would play the major characters? Tell why each is "perfect" for his or her part.
  • Setting:  This is the place and time period. Will you shoot your movie on a set or on location?
  • Plot:  Describe the most important scene; this may be the climax, but it could also be the introduction.

You might also consider:

  • Special effects.
  • Sound track. Do you have a favorite song that you'd like to use as a theme? 


Make an advertising poster for your movie. For ideas,  go to the Movie Posters site and browse through a collection of movie advertising posters from the early days of film until the present day.

Enrichment Activities

Additional Research
Many people are involved with bringing the movies to life. Use the site below to research what it takes to put movie together and to find out about jobs in the movie industry.