Musical Plates
Edison Middle School., West Orange New Jersey
Submitted May, 2002

To The President:

Regarding your request to research earthquakes, I have concluded that faulting is the cause of earthquakes. The plate’s lithosphere behaves as a rigid shell. It uses its strength to crack the earth. Also, the rubbing and pushing against the earth’s plates makes earthquakes occur. When these plates move, they end up colliding, causing the earth’s surface to shake in a rapid movement of the earth’s rocky layer; therefore, creating an earthquake.

Based on my observations, certain parts of the world do tend to get more earthquakes than others. For instance, they occur more around islands and even more frequently the Ring of Fire, which is located in the Pacific Ocean. There are trends in the depth and magnitude of earthquakes. The average depth around the earth occurring everyday would be shallow. Deep earthquakes are very rare. The average magnitude for earthquakes is four or five on the Richter scale. These numbers appear more on a regular basis.

I believe you should keep supporting my research team. If you keep funding it, we can find better safety precautions for the people who are most likely to be affected by earthquakes. We can save the buildings and construct even stronger ones to withhold the shaking and breaking of the ground. Less money could be spent on repairs. Money for this program will be well spent to save the lives of our country’s people. Also, we might even be able to predict when the earthquakes will occur. I urge you to consider my point of view so that many people can benefit from our future discoveries.



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