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Edison Middle School., West Orange New Jersey
Submitted June, 2002

Dear Mr. President,

After much time researching and analyzing earthquakes and how earthquakes have happened or occurred I have concluded that plate movement and faulting are the most common cause of earthquakes. There are some other reasons, but they do not usually happen that often. There are also certain parts of the world that experience earthquakes more than other places around the world. The places that experience more earthquakes are usually nowhere near civilization but around the Pacific Ocean, in an area called the Ring of Fire. Referred to by seismologists as the circum Pacific belt, is the most probable location for today's earthquakes. Although Earthquakes can happen anywhere, and there is no portion of the earth that is free of earthquakes. Every part of the earth is vulnerable to earthquakes and there is no way to prevented that from happening.

There are also trends in earthquakes magnitude and depth. The magnitude of the earthquakes that are most come are between four and five. Even though the magnitude of earthquakes is between four and five, there have been five earthquakes in the 7 and higher range just this year, which is classified as the major earthquake. Examples, at the Vanuatu Islands there was an earthquake of 7.1 on January 2, 2002 and at the Mariana Islands there was an earthquake of 7.2 on April 26, 2002. The depths of the earthquakes are quite shallow. Most earthquakes do not go over the depth of 30 km.

We need more money for funding to research earthquakes and need support of a top official like the president. Earthquakes are dangerous and need to be researched so we can to tell when an earthquake is going to happen and what kind of magnitude it is going to have. Getting people out of an area where a major earthquake is going to happen can save many people's lives. We need to prevent another scene like that of April 18, 1906, in San Francisco, California where about 3,000 people were killed. The earthquake program will need funding and with that we can discover a lot more different things about earthquakes. Thanks for reading my letter and I hope you decide to continue the funding of earthquakes.



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