Shake, rattle, and roll was a collaborative effort on the part of Lafayette's science and technology departments to marry all the disciplines through science and technology, and the NJCCS, or as we like to refer to it "EDUCATION THROUGH POWERFUL AUTHENTIC LEARNING!"

The real time data project, musical plates, was first introduced to our 8th grade students by Miss Margaret Calabrese, the Lead Science Teacher. Fictitious scenarios were provided involving an earthquake research project that challenged them to justify the existence of this project to the President of the United States as necessary and pertinent.   During the project, the students were expected to complete the following:

Musical Plates then proceeded to the next level conducted by Mrs. Adele Queli, our Technology Coordinator.  In this phase the students designed a PowerPoint presentation or a Newsletter, which included all their collected data and Internet findings which they gathered and processed in the a unique form.

It was during one of the science/technology collaborative periods that our Principal, Joanne Bergamotto, 8th grade students, Miss Calabrese, and Mrs. Queli were visited by Gayle Griffin, Assistant Superintendent, Dept. of Teaching and Learning for the Newark Public Schools, Carol Shields, CIESE Instructor, and Arthur Imperatore, Philanthropist.  Both Mr. Imperatore and Ms. Griffin were highly impressed with our students and the program.

On the following links, you will find samples of our students' work that connect Math, History, and Language Arts/Literacy through Science and Technology.  We trust you will find it interesting.


Plate Tectonics & People


Understanding Plate Motions