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Dear President Bush:

Iíve come to realize through a lot of research that there is a link between earthquakes, volcanoes, and weather. The rubbing or pushing against the earthís plates cause earthquakes. Plate tectonics deal with the plates on which the continents sit. These plates move, and they end up colliding causing the earthís surface to shake in a rapid movement of the earthís rocky outer layer; therefore, creating the earthquake. These earthquakes and volcanoes affect our society in a lot of different ways. Volcanoes are a naturally occurring opening in the surface of the earth through which molten, gaseous, and solid material is ejected. Also, Iíve been able to identify a pattern which seems to reveal that an earthquake, there usually is a volcanic eruptions around that area. Now Iíve provided you with a map so you can look at it yourself.

Now, there is also another pattern. It seems that when volcanoes erupt, there is a change in the weather. It occasionally happens to get hot; therefore, causing the water to evaporate, and causing it to rain. This rain isnít the normal rain that we have; it is "acid rain." This will also affect our community even more severely than an earthquake or volcano would. It would affect the plants, therefore affecting the air we breathe. This research that Iím conducting will help us decide about precautions needed to prevent complete devastation to our community.

Lastly, Iíve also included a safety plan for earthquakes. This safety plan might sound futuristic, but itís the best one around. With the research Iíll be able to identify the positions of the volcanoes so we can evacuate the places in the volcanoís path. This will only save more lives instead of losing them. Hopefully, you will understand my point, and let me continue this project.



Project Coordinator Earth Watch


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