Musical Plates

Dear Mr. President,

Recently, I have been researching Musical Plates, a program that includes real time data, earthquakes, volcanoes, and the theory of plate tectonics. I have completed many projects based on my research. As you can see, I pinpointed recent earthquakes and volcanoes. I also created three graphs with the research I have gathered. I have even interviewed DeWitt C. Baldwin, who was an actual survivor of the San Francisco Earthquake. After completing all these activities, I strongly believe that this program should be supported.

The main reason why I think you should support this project is because I have found a connection between earthquakes and volcanoes. Through my research, I learned that plate tectonics explain many geological events. In this case, earthquakes and volcanoes; in other words, both earthquakes and volcanoes are caused by plate tectonics. If you support this program, we could even find more connections between earthquakes and volcanoes.

Another reason is that if this program were supported, more research would be done. Then, we might even be able to better predict when earthquakes or volcanoes are going to occur. We might also be able to know where these events are going to take place. By knowing this information we will be able to create safety plans for where these eruptions and earthquakes will occur. By doing this, millions of lives will be saved.

I havenít even mentioned the money it would save our country. If we had safety plans for earthquakes and volcanoes, we wouldnít have to rebuild buildings, houses, etc. Also, we wouldnít have to send money and supplies to other countries where these events occur. The United States would benefit a lot from this.

As you can see, if this program is funded, many people will benefit from it. We will be able to find new connections between earthquakes and volcanoes, and also, save a lot of our nationís money. So, I urge you to consider my point of view. If you decide to support this program, you will see many great accomplishments and results, not only in our country, but around the entire world.



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