Musical Plates


Dear Editor,

I believe our community would be affected severely by an earthquake. When this disaster occurs, houses collapse, there are big gaps in the earth, and many deaths occur. An earthquake may have a low magnitude, but it definitely tears apart everything. Therefore, we all need a safety plan!

First of all, we need a safety plan because itís a precaution. We need to know what to do in case of an earthquake instead of panicking, like Arnold Genthe, one of the survivors, who woke up to hear his Chinese porcelains crashing, and the whole house shaking. Arnold didnít really know what to do, or even had a choice. He just waited to see what was going to happen next. If he had a safety plan, Arnold wouldnít have been in his house waiting for death!

Thus, we all need to be prepared for an earthquake. Itís like a last resort. In case of an earthquake, and you donít have a safety plan, I just suggest to head to high ground. However, it might not always work, so I ask all of you to create a safety plan with your family!


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