December 18, 2002

Dear Mr. President:

At the end of the two week period my team and I have studied the map, we have produced and this is what we have to answer your questions. The most  recent earthquakes that have happened, are in the ring of fire. Which is the west coast of South America, then the west coast of United States and North America. Then South of Alaska, east of Asia, and north of Australia. Now that gives us a advantage, because now we can determine where it is most likely to have a earthquake. For an example, say you want to go on vacation and not have to worry about having earthquakes? So now we know where the safest place is and where the not so safe places are, and that's very important.  One of your question was, "Whether or not earthquakes and volcanoes have a relationship?"  well I believe that they do have a relationship. Which is because they both need the vibration of the tectonic plates rubbing together to make earthquakes, or  volcanoes. So what actually makes a earthquake is when the tectonic plates rub together, and that makes an earthquake.


Daphne F.