December 18, 2002

Dear Mr. President,

Most recent earthquakes are occurring in isolated regions. There is a recognizable pattern to where they are formed. They occur in parts of continents. You can tell where high risk zones are located. Some of the high risk zones are California, El Salvador, West Coast, Alaska, and the Fiji Islands Region. Also, there is a relationship. The relationship between earthquakes and volcanoes is that they are formed the same way. The thing that is causing the earthquakes is that one of the tectonic plates are going over the other tectonic plate and that is sometimes causing earthquakes and it can also sometimes form mountains.

The tectonic plate under the other tectonic plate is called "sub ducted". My team and I deserve continued funding because we've been going on the earthquake website and have marked on our map where the earthquakes have been occurring. We've been recording the earthquakes for about a month.

Rachel C.