December 18, 2002

Dear Mr. President:

Since I am the lead scientist in the United States Geological Survey investigating earthquakes and their importance, I am writing to you to tell you how important it is to continue improving on how we can predict them through better technology and avoid future catastrophes. Earthquakes have effected us in the U.S, for example California. Other high risk zones worldwide are Japan, East Indies, parts of Europe, Mexico, New Zealand and some coasts of South America.

With developed technology we can study patterns and determine where they can happen. Our results show that they happen mostly on plate borders. Through research it appears that when tectonic plates either touch each other with force or one plate goes under the other (which is called sub ducting) cause earthquakes.

Therefore by looking at a tectonic plate map and through the use of modern technology we can maybe better guess where and when the next earthquake can occur and warn people ahead of time. Also on questions regarding earthquakes and volcanoes there is no definite relationship between the two, but in some instances earthquakes or tremors have been the result of volcanoes. With your continued funding we will continue to investigate earthquakes and there effects. Thank you for your support.

Theodore K