November 19, 2003


Dear Mr. President

    In my letter today I will be telling you a little about earthquakes. The most recent earthquakes are mostly in isolated regions. They do occur all over but mostly in isolated regions.
   There is a pattern where earthquakes seem to occur and that is between two moving plates. Yes, there would be a way to determine what parts of the world are most prone to them. You can determine where high risk earthquake zones are located because you would be able to see where earthquakes are.
    Earthquakes are caused when two plates (a big land mass) rub together in opposite directions. If you take your hands, stick them together hard and move them in opposite directions it is very difficult.  Pretend your hands are plates and that is what causes earthquakes.
  Good-bye Mr. President and I hope you learned about earthquakes in my letter.
                               Jennifer .S.