November 19, 2003
Dear President Bush,

I am writing to you today about earthquakes. Earthquakes seem to occur in isolated areas. Mostly on the coast of two moving plates since if they rub against each other, earthquakes will take place.
  A plate moves as slow as your fingernail grows! After two plates crash, more crust forms there and creates more land.
Some high-risk zones are California and Japan. Since those two places have had a lot of earthquakes, there is a higher risk of more happening.
There are three different boundaries. Conver
gent boundaries which are when two plates crash, Divergent boundaries which are when two plates move apart and Transform boundaries when plates are sideswiping. Convergent boundaries and Sideswiping boundaries cause earthquakes. Divergent boundaries cause more land to form
Earthquakes cause volcanoes. How this happens is when the ground starts to shake, it causes a crack and lava spills out.

   I hope you have gotten the information that you wanted out of my letter!

Ashlie S.