May 4, 2004



Dear Mr. President:


Throughout my studies, I have found a lot of information. The most recent earthquakes have been occurring on the West Coast of North and South America and on the East Coast of Asia. It seems to be that where the earth's plates meet together, earthquakes and volcanoes are occurring. Earthquakes and volcanoes are much more likely to occur where different plates meet.


The pattern I can see is how we can determine what parts of the world are most prone to earthquakes and volcanoes. According to my map, the earthquakes and volcanoes often are in a strait line or on the coast. Also, most of the earthquakes and volcanoes are happening where plates may be spreading apart, sliding together, or sliding side by side. From my data I can make the hypothesis that earthquakes and volcanoes occur on the boundary of plates.


Volcanoes and Earthquakes have a relationship because they both have to do with the plates moving. Both earthquakes and volcanoes will occur if the plates slide apart, together or side by side.


When plates are rubbing together and the pressure is getting higher and higher, one of the plates will eventually shoot off with all the pressure. All the shaking of the plates causes the earth to shake. Although we can not fix the plates, we can tell the people in danger of earthquakes. People on the West Coast of North and South America, the East Coast of Asia, and Indonesia are in danger. I hope that this will help you.



Alexandra P.