Dear Mr.President,

       I am writing you to inform you about my research on the questions that you were concerned about. First off, you wanted to know if there was any way to determine what parts of the earth are most prone to earthquakes and volcanoes. The places that have had recent active earthquakes and volcanoes are along the East Coast of Asia, west cast of America (California), west coast of South America, east coast of Australia and lastly, continents along the southern side of Europe.   You also wanted to know whether or not there were a relation between earthquakes and volcanoes the answer is yes. The relationship is that the volcanic eruptions occur in the same places as the earthquakes occur. Also volcanoes and earthquakes happen where the plates are moving. The last question you asked me was what is causing the volcanoes and earthquakes these are from the plate movement. This happened when the plates bump together, pull apart and over lap each other.



                                                Sincerely yours

                                                Amanda A.