Dear Mr. President,


This is the letter in response of yours, holding the information you requested:


         Many of the earthquakes occur on the boundaries of the earth's plates, or moving sections of the earth, such as the Pacific Plate border. Some of the earthquakes have appeared on Indonesia, Central America, western North and South America, eastern Asia, and mid Atlantic Ocean. The eastern coast of the US is safe from earthquakes because this area is not on the edge of a plate.

         The best way to determine whether or not areas are prone to earthquakes is to see if they have happened there before. Adding to the places listed above, earthquakes usually occur along continental coast. If you want to avoid earthquakes, then stay away from areas where they have occurred.

         Volcanoes seem to occur in the same areas as earthquakes. The coasts still are still prone to these natural disasters. The earthquakes and volcanoes also appear near mountain ranges.

         The most logical reason for the earthquakes would be that the plates are bumping together. A specific movement is when one plate slides under the other and melts called the convergent boundary.


As you can see, the information above tells you where to identify earthquake-prone areas. We hope you don't cut of our funding.



                                                                                                Andrew C.