Dear Mr. President ,

                       Iím writing to you because you wanted to know about earthquakes  and volcanoes . your first question was where are these earthquakes occurring and if they are more likely to occur in certain locations . The most recent earthquakes are occurring in the East coast of Asia and west coast of North America .

       You also wanted to know whether or not there is a way to determine what prone to them. The answer to that is quite simple, you see all you need to do is get a world map and plot points to the places earthquakes have been occurring .

       The next thing you wanted to know was if there was a relation between earthquakes and volcanoes . Yes there is a relationship between both of them.

       The relationship between the both of them is that earthquakes might be erupting volcanoes,  because on the map volcanoes are near all of the earthquakes.

       Another thing you wanted to know was what is causing the earthquakes. The thing thatís causing earthquakes is plate movement. Plate movement is when plates can pull apart, come together or slide under one another.

       I hope I answered all of your questions. Oh by the way I donít want you to cut all of my funding off.




                                                         Carley O.