Dear Mr. President:


 I am now confident that you will not cut my funding after all my hard work.  I will start off by telling you where the most recent earthquakes have occurred.  The most recent earthquakes have occurred in the Pacific Rim, the Atlantic Ocean, the Western Coast of South America, and Indonesia.  They are more likely to occur at the tectonic plate boundaries.  They are more likely to occur here because earthquakes happen when plates bump or slide together.


There is a way to determine what parts of the world are most prone to earthquakes.  One way is to look at a map that has the most recent earthquakes plotted on it.  I you do this, you can predict the general area where the next earthquakes will occur.  Also, you can locate the boundaries of all the tectonic plates because that is where most of the earthquakes will happen. 


An amazing discovery that I uncovered is that earthquakes and volcanoes are related.  I found this out when I looked at a map of earthquakes and volcanoes.  They were located near each other.  I then realized that they were related because volcanoes occur when tectonic plates spread apart and earthquakes occur when tectonic plates bump together or slide under each other.  They would occur in the same area because the plates would be there. 


I then discovered why the earthquakes were happening too.  They were happening because all the tectonic plates were sliding under each other or bumping together.  This explains why they were where they were too.


Well, that is all the information I have.  I hope you have no problem with it.  If you need anything else you give me a call and Iíll get right to work.




Yours Truly,

Keith R.